Nona By Lesa Doa

Off to see my Nona,
I immediately think of Italy.
From the moment I smell the food
I know this will be a delicious visit,
with many members of family,
gathering together, me just a child.
She cares for any child,
thats what Nona
does for the family.
This is the way in Italy,
cooking and caring at every visit,
letting us enjoy her food.
Our Souls feed on her food,
even as a child
on a visit
to see Nona
I feel Italy,
as does the whole family.
Sunday outtings as a family,
we would enjoy the food,
with all the flavors of Italy.
No child
would turn up their nose to Nona
and what she prepared for the visit.
Ending our visit
my family
all lined up to hug Nona,
praising her food,
each sounding like a child
whose had their first taste of Italy.
Even now when someone mentions Italy,
I long to visit
like I did as a child,
along with my family,
awaiting great food
all thanks to Nona.
Remembering Nona, the

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essence of Italy,
her food, enjoyed at every visit
my family took when I was a child.


-As a child I spent almost every Sunday visiting my Great Grandma, or my Nona. Those days still hold some of my fondest memories. This is my first attempt at a Sestina and I very much enjoyed the process of composing it.


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