Scentsy Agreement

Scentsy Agreement: All You Need to Know

Have you ever heard of Scentsy agreement? If not, then you have come to the right place! Scentsy agreement is a contractual agreement that explains the terms and conditions of a Scentsy consultant. It outlines the business policies, procedures, and expectations for both the Scentsy consultant and the company.

So, what exactly is Scentsy? Scentsy is a direct selling company that offers fragrant and decorative home products, such as scented wax warmers, scented wax bars, diffusers, and more. Scentsy consultants are independent contractors who sell Scentsy products and earn a commission on their sales.

As a Scentsy consultant, you will be required to sign a Scentsy agreement before you can start selling their products. This agreement will outline the responsibilities and expectations of both the consultant and the company.

The Scentsy agreement will typically cover the following areas:

1. Consultant Responsibilities:

Under this section, the Scentsy agreement will outline the responsibilities of the consultant, such as:

– Abide by the Scentsy policies and procedures

– Act as a representative of Scentsy in a professional and ethical manner

– Promote Scentsy products and services

– Maintain accurate records of sales, expenses, and inventory

2. Scentsy Policies and Procedures:

This section will contain information about Scentsy’s policies and procedures, such as:

– Compensation plan

– Ordering and payment procedures

– Product warranties and returns

– Advertising and promotion guidelines

– Code of ethics

3. Product and Sales Training:

Scentsy wants its consultants to be successful, so they provide training and support to help them achieve their goals. The agreement will outline the training and support that Scentsy provides to its consultants, such as:

– Product training and information

– Sales techniques and strategies

– Marketing and advertising materials

– Business tools and resources

4. Termination and Renewal:

The Scentsy agreement will also outline the terms and conditions for termination and renewal. It will contain information about:

– Grounds for termination

– Notice requirements

– Renewal procedures

In summary, the Scentsy agreement is a vital document that every Scentsy consultant must sign before they can start selling. It spells out the terms and conditions of the relationship between the consultant and the company, and it sets expectations for both parties.

As a Scentsy consultant, it is essential to read and understand the Scentsy agreement thoroughly. It will help you to understand your responsibilities, your compensation plan, and the company’s policies and procedures. By following the terms of the agreement, you will be well on your way to building a successful Scentsy business.