The Raccoon By Anthony Zick

The Raccoon

They say fast music makes you work faster

I say it just makes you dance

and you can’t dance

not at work

not for show,

or even in the bathroom

where suddenly your cover could be blown

And the night goes on

like a relative projecting red-bomb warnings

and the headphones sing away

someone else’s lovesick heart

or blue-suede blues

and, as I’m changing the bag in the day-care diaper pail

I am only moving on duty

the kind of duty with a “t” and a “y”

the kind of duty that doesn’t feel like a gift

but an obstacle to Oblivion

and Oblivion is sexy as hell

Except that it is Hell

I take up the last trash bags to

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the dumpsters

and open the lid

in reasonable peace, for a done day

and I see

a raccoon in the shadow of the bin,

it’s face paranoid and sad

But regal it rakes itself out of the can

Slumps its loaf body over the edge

Points its wet nose straight at my chest

and sings, in perfect tune

“Oh ignominious Night! Fold your darkness away!

Alive! Alive am I! A paranoid rodent!

Royal black stripes on greasy grey fur!

The king or the Queen of all Raccoons

For all this suburban boy knows. But more!

God gives him gapes at the living!

For who is the giver of living?

Break him, oh Beauty

banish the crown of his heart and humble it hard

On a fleeting, sad-back animal feeding

on old crackers and yogurt in trash-bags, dancing

in this

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dumpster, singing praises, listening

for the sermons in our skin.”

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